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Arbeitskreise (Workgroups)

Arbeitskreise can be established in order to support the work of the Federal Board.

The workgroup's members elect a representative who has to render account to the Federal Board and the Federal Delegate Conference.


Arbeitskreis International


  • scientific exchange

  • promotion of international projects
  • to inform about the work of the Young Forum on an international level
  • to support young scientists and professionals in orienting themselves towards the international market

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Belz (head)
(District Association Rhein-Ruhr)


The Arbeitskreis  International cooperates with the YFE (Young Forum of European Transport Sciences).


Arbeitskreis Service

The Arbeitskreis Service regularly informs members of the Young Forum about current job advertisements by newsletter and on the web page Job Market.

Martin Schelter (head)
(District Association Rhein-Ruhr)

Job advertisements can be forwarded to us via


Arbeitskreis Verkehrsgeschichte (History of Transportation)

The Arbeitskreis Verkehrsgeschichte is a platform within the German Association of Transport Sciences. It provides the opportunity to network activities and interests in the range of transportation history for scientists and interested members.

Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Ammoser (head)
(District Association Rheinland)


Click here to find further information on the Arbeitskreis Verkehrsgeschichte.


Arbeitskreis Struktur

The Arbeitskreis Struktur was founded by the Federal Delegate Conference on October 20th, 2007. It was entrusted with restructuring the Young Forum until the next Federal Delegate Conference on March 08th, 2008. It met in December 2007 in Hamburg and prepared a draft of new guidelines that were finally ratified by the Federal Delegate Conference. The Working Group Structure was dissolved after the new guidelines came into force.

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