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About the YFE

The Young Forum of European Transport Sciences (YFE) was founded 2003 in Budapest. The main objective of YFE is to support young scientists (under the age of 40) in the field of transportation sciences in their international studies either by establishing contacts to foreign scientists, institutions or companies or by organising field trips related to transport science.

The YFE is part of the European Platform of Transport Sciences and closely integrated in all of the EPTS´ administrative institutions and decisions. At every European Transport Congress, the YFE organizes both a general assembly of the YFE as well as a single conference session.

The YFE is open to members from all European Countries.



 The YFE-Board is the top-level organ of YFE. Every two years up to five members of YFE are elected to co-ordinate all current activities, to represent the YFE internally and externally, to decide about sponsoring and budgetary questions and to define the future program of YFE.

For the election period 2008 / 2009 the YFE-Board consists of:

Sebastian BELZ,
Spokesman of YFE
Wuppertal (Germany)

Alexander KTENAS,
Athens (Greece),


Tomislav LETNIK
Maribor (Slovenia)


Zagreb (Croatia),


Robert VARGA,
Budapest (Hungary),



If you would like to take part in the work of YFE or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the YFE-Boards’ spokesman or your nearest board member.


European Friedrich List Award

Since 2004, the European Friedrich List Award is conferred annually by the YFE in the categories "best thesis" and "best dissertation". Around 100 scientific works have already been nominated and evaluated. The winners'  works are of perpetual outstanding scientific quality, reflecting the award’s high reputation and acceptance among experts.

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