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The Federal Board

The Federal Board of the Young Forum is elected by the Federal Delegate Conference (Bundesdelegiertenkonferenz) for a regular period of two years

It consists of three members who are entitled to vote, the Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen. Two additional members can be authorized to act for them.

Its main functions and duties are:

  • to carry out the decisions made by the Federal Delegate Conference,
  • to assure internal and external communication,
  • to represent the Young Forum in committees (e.g. Executive Committee and Executive Board of the DVWG),
  • to execute the financial plan.

The Federal board of the Young Forum

the members of the Federal Board of the Young Forum
Teresa Krohn (back left), Barbara Hüttmann (back center), Ferryuast (back right), Fabian Dobeschinsky (front left), Nils-Friso Weber (front right)

Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Ammoser


(District Association Rheinland)



Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Stefan Tritschler

Vice-Chairman (finances)

(District Association Württemberg)



Dipl.-Geogr. Eva Troschke

Vice-Chairwoman (communication)

(District Association Berlin-Brandenburg)



Dipl.-Vw. Barbara Hüttmann

Additional Member

(District Association Hamburg)



Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Ktenas

Additional Member

(District Association Berlin-Brandenburg)


Functions for Presentation


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